The 5 most powerful wizards

most powerful wizards


5 – Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Scar wizard

We could have put Voldemort instead of him, but you know why it’s Harry the one that takes the spot?

Because he defeated Voldemort. Yeah, yeah, we know the story, it wasn’t a fair, regular fight but, nonetheless, he defeated him.

Harry sure is a talented wizard, marked (even in a physical way) from the very first moments of his life. One could say that the boy was predestined to become one of the most powerful wizards ever seen but surely Harry didn’t rest on his laurels and worked hard, year after year to master his spells, undertaking a long preparation for the fight against Voldemort.

And also, he has charm, charisma and a beautiful lightning bolt-shaped scar, how can you possibly ask for more?

4 – Albus Dumbledore

albus dumbledore

Geriatric wizard

And here we have his teacher, his mentor, Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of the wizardly school of Hogwarts.

He taught countless students how to properly be a wizards, teaching some of the finest ones out there.

And you know what’s best? He did so for 120 years! Dumbledore was so old that he had to costantly wear a diaper and still could manage to one-handedly beat some of the top-level, young wizards around.

You gotta give some credit to this man: if Harry managed to become what he’s become, a lot of the praise has to be given to Albus.

3 – Gandalf


50 shades of grey wizard

Uncanny similarities to Dumbledore, at least visually, don’t you think? That’s because our beloved headmaster and the powerful Gandalf were both played by Sir Ian McKellen.

Anyway, Gandalf is great. Wether he’s grey or white he’s a centuries old, super wizard, whose power is one of the greatest in the Middle Earth.

He takes part in some of the greatest tales that an hobbit’s memory can recall, too. From Smaug to the Only Ring, Gandalf was always there, protecting the Middle Earth and its inhabitants.

Good and powerful, so, and there’s more! Gandalf place between the most powerful wizards is sure assured but who are we to overlook his entertainment skills?

Come on! The man is one of the best fireworks maker ever seen. The Shire still remembers the time he shot up in the sky a turkey-shaped firework.

2 – Merlin


Old school wizard

Ahah! You expected Merlin to top this list, didn’t you?

Well, it would’ve been fair and right, but we are neither fair or right, so Merlin takes the second place.

Ok, he’s the most powerful around maybe but Merlin is old stuff. I mean he’s not that good, he’s not that nice. He sure is a powerful wizard but what else?

He’s a cold-hearted being, devoting all his life to magic. No wonder Camelot went downhill. You can’t simply work, work, work and forget the passion, man!

Does it seem like I’m trying to find reasons to justify the fact Merlin isn’t the number one on this list? Well..

1 – And the number 1 on our list of the most powerful wizards is Oz


No wizard

And the number one, isn’t even a wizard at all! What a rip-off, right?

Oz may be the most powerful on this list, though. You see, there were reasons why Oz was called by the other fellas around the Emerald City in some of the most prideful ways, from wonderful, to powerful, to handsome, to kinky.

Ok, maybe he wasn’t deemed as kinky, but you sure understand what I mean.

OZ had technology so, in some way, he was a kind of wizard.

If you’re the only one with fire in a land with no fire you’re God, right? Right.

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